Hey there!

I'm Melanie Hill

The Human Design Expert & Business Coach

I help women build & scale their business & income with 1:1 Human Design Coaching

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Hey there!

I'm Melanie Hill

Human Design Coach for Business & Life

I help you design a business infused with your unique magic. 

You'll step into your gifts so you can grow and scale your business with ease.

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You’re so busy trying to get it right that you lose everything that makes you so magical and magnetic.


You waste your energy trying to be someone you're not.

You dream of making money in your business doing it the way you want to, but then you make yourself wrong for not following the advice of the “gurus.”

You’ve done all the thoughtwork, coaching programs, courses, joined all the marketing groups, surveyed all your entrepreneur/coach friends, but it's still not working.

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The truth is...


The thing holding you back from growing your business isn't that you are lazy, irresponsible or don’t know the “right way."

It's that you're not trusting that who you are IS the magic.

You think the magic is in the system, the funnel, or the strategy you use to get clients, but the truth is when you trust your own energy, YOU become magnetic.

Then there's no need for tactics, gimmicks or salesy pitches to build a profitable business.

All you need is you, showing up in all of your power, having a fuck-ton of fun.

I made $100k in my first 10 months of business but I had a huge secret...


Every day I woke up to a business that I hated and couldn't imagine continuing.

I'd also spent $50,000+ on coaches, courses, software, ads, allll the things, trying to do it the "right way."

I wanted to help people, and I did... but it was killing ME. My spirit. My fun. My love for coaching.

If I wanted to stay in business, something had to change. So I dedicated myself to building a business that would fit around ME, not me around IT.

I had heard that Human Design was a way to help you know how you're designed to work, so I hired my first Human Design Mentor.

**Cue Dramatic Music** The heavens parted! I felt like for the first time in my entire life, I knew who I was... and I knew that she was GOOD and RIGHT and POWERFUL.

With my human design, I was able to do HALF of the actions, and make even MORE money... with ease.

I was SUPPORTED. I could try things out and have fun with them.

After seeing that I could build to 6-figures again WITHOUT all the hustle and tactics... I decided I HAD to help other people out there like me learn their human design.

Now I've helped dozens of people build and scale their business with ease, using their human design. 


"I have seen my business explode."


- Diana Mercado Marmarosh, ADHD Life Coach & Family Medicine Physician

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Hack Your Human Design Membership

The ongoing course and community that will move you step-by-step to apply your human design to your business so it can feel as sexy as becoming obsessed with yourself.

With this membership, you’ll learn:

  • How to Unlock Your Internal STEP-BY-STEP SYSTEM inside of you
  • How to apply your specific Strategy to your business to market, sell, and save your energy
  • How to use the energy of your 9 Centers to stop the self-sabotage
  • How to show up as yourself and be loved and adored for exactly who you are

And more added every month!

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60-Minute Human Design Reading


New to Human Design and want to have an initial reading? This is for you!

What's included:

  • 1:1, 60-min Reading over your Unique Human Design Chart
  • Video and Audio Recording for you to keep
  • Specific details for YOU on how to tap into your type, strategy and authority and use your specific gifts of your design
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3-Month Coaching Program


Want to Deep Dive into Your Human Design with your own personal guide?

Join my 3-month experience where I'll teach you exactly how you're meant to move through the world.

You'll connect with your Inner Knowing to be able to make decisions easily and aligned. Trust yourself. Build your business faster by learning to do it YOUR way. 

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"Working with Melanie was so much fun! The whole experience felt like an invitation to permission to be myself in all facets of my life.

If you’ve been trying all the things and feel like nothing is working reach out to Melanie.

She will help you learn how to listen to yourself and work in a way that feels good to YOU.

She helped me see that business really can be fun!"



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