YOU know how to lead your business best. It's all inside of you.


Join Soul Synergy to create a Soul-System for your business that brings you joy and abundance every day.

Join Soul Synergy
You're here to help people and make an impact... YOUR impact.


You love being turned on and excited about the way you offer your services.

You LIVE for those moments when your uniqueness is what helps transform someone's life.

That's why you want to reach MORE people with your message... NOW.


Deep down you know...
If your ability to spread your message clearly with trust in yourself, was a strong as your willingness to hustle, and "get it right," you'd have a full, abundant business of dream clients by now.


Instead you find yourself getting stuck in doing it the way everyone else is doing it, and watering yourself down. 


Which means when it comes to building your business...

  • You're beyond determined to “get it right," and get to $100k and beyond.
  • You try out allll the ways the "gurus" and "authorities" in your industry say to get to $100k.
  • You know you're getting closer to success... but then you get so worn out with frustration or disappointment, that you don't want to show up anymore. You know you don't **like** doing these things in this way in your business, but you keep holding onto the promise that **one day** it'll feel better or be less "hard." Something isn't quite adding up... or you'd feel better by now with where your business is headed.


And then when you start looking into what's happening inside your business...

  • You start wondering... "Why isn’t it working?"
  • You know you're doing it the "right way" according to SO many people (possibly even your current coach or mastermind you're in) and something is still **off**.
  • And when your business is seeing some progress, you're wondering... "If I'm doing it all the "right way," why isn’t it feeling good?"
  • And then, just like so many other entrepreneurs... you want to quit your dream, or wonder why it isn’t working for you, when you were told it definitely would work!


It's as if you've found the ultimate thing that lines up at the corner of: Your Dream Job + Your Purpose + Will Help Humanity/The World... BUT, it's killing you to make a good living with it and/or tell your people about it. (Dramatic, I know, but it probably feels that way too)


I know that feeling blocked from pursuing your business, your way, can feel like being on a never-ending roller coaster with no emergency cut-off. Like the only way to end the horror is to jump off, while its still going full-speed, without a parachute.


But the cool thing is this... it isn't YOU. You aren't defective. 

It makes sense that it would feel **life or death** to put all your faith in YOU, with full trust, so you can communicate to your people with full clarity and build your business with dream clients that value YOU.

Because no matter how much thoughtwork you've done around belief in yourself and your business, or how much action you take, or how much hustle you have...


Building a business full of dream clients, that feels good to show up in, AND makes you a good living requires that you to be able to stop listening to everyone else and listen to YOURSELF clearly.


This is a skillset you can develop. 

And when you do, you'll unlock the trust and clarity you need to...

Create and Develop YOUR value system so you can have a soul-led business that feeds you AS YOU BUILD IT, not "once you get there"

Share your message with full potency, to call in your best clients with ease, a build your business in a way that feels good to you

Take all your intuitive, brilliant coaching/healing you have inside of your personal 1:1 calls and bring it into your marketing with clarity and ease in a way that feels fun.

Trust Your Value

Share your Divine Message

Synergize Ego & Soul

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When you stop fighting with your purpose and how you want to do your business and start showing up in your **YOU-NESS**, something magical happens...

  • Your clients start climbing out of the woodwork to work with you (because now they can FINALLY SEE YOU)
  • You start making more money while only doing the things that are **fun** (because they are SO potent with your energy)
  • You wake up and wonder... "Oh my god... how did this become my life??" (Because you're actually ENJOYING your business and not worried about where the next client or dollar is coming from)

What is Soul Synergy?

Give me the Details!

The Details (aka: exactly what you'll get):

The Results:

🔮 Using your Human Design, Gene Keys & Intuition, you will create your own Unique Soul-System for your business.

More Specifically:

1️⃣ a Soul-Led Business Mission

2️⃣ a Soul-Level Business Plan

3️⃣ Your Unique Soul-Marketing System

4️⃣ Your Unique Wealth-Codes & how to use them in your business to create your desired wealth

5️⃣ Your specific way you bring your soul-mate clients in that you LOVE working with... and more!

🔮 Your brain will have a very clear way to work with your body and your intuition, so you feel focused and calm as you move through your life with alignment and joy

🔮 Build a business that is sustainable and you LOVE being in

🔮 Make more money with half of the "efforting"



 Bi-Weekly, 75-minute 1:1 Calls with Melanie & the recordings to keep (10 calls over the 5 months)

 Monthly Group Workshop/Calls (5+ calls)

 Access to a Hub of resources through the Kajabi app on your phone (it will include any program or workshop I offer throughout that time, as well as all recordings of our group calls)

✅ Community Space on Kajabi (Not on Social Media)

✅ Private Voxer Support throughout the 5 months with Melanie

✅ More surprises and goodies along the way (Y'all know I like to surprise and delight!) 

$5k or 6 monthly payments of $850


I don't believe there should be any hoops to jump through to be able to get access to me, so the first step in my process is to get face-to-face with YOU inside a free connection call. Click the button below to take that first step!


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Want to open the portal of magic in your business? 

That's what Synergy is.

A portal of magic only you can create within you.

I created this now because it's time for integration and alignment.

It's time to put your DESIRE first and use your energy in only the most potent way.

You know in your SOUL it's the only way to build your business and help your people.

Because when you show up joyful and expressed, your people can FIND YOU.

This hybrid Mastermind is the place to build the skills of TRUST,  SYNERGY and MAGIC.